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EV Energy Management Analyst

Location: New York, NY

Department: Revenue & Commodities


This hire will be on MN8’s Revenue & Commodities team, specifically focusing on EV Charging infrastructure, reporting to the Manager of EV Infrastructure. They would support the buildout and ongoing energy management of a large North American fleet of EV Charging stations.

To start, this position will have a cross departmental scope collaborating with joint functions such as MN8’s Development, Investment, Policy/Regulatory, and Asset Management Teams, with responsibilities including:

  • Modeling site level energy usage and driver utilization metrics to help in the site selection process
  • Utilize utility tariff and retail energy information to help derive rate inputs for investment decisions
  • Development and organize a baseline assumption playbook for EV Energy Cost Process

Additionally, this role will be integral in the ongoing energy optimization of the EV fleet, leveraging analytical tools to limit demand charge exposure, develop & report critical KPI’s and capture Energy Cost reporting; the candidate should have the ability to:

  • Research and extract applicable Utility Tariffs, articulate relevant rates, and cost impacts.
  • Explore and implement creative solutions to minimize total EV utility spend.
  • Build and maintain EV specific utility tariff databases, and cost/usage models for rate optimization and benchmarking performance.
  • Collaborate with the Policy Team to stay ahead of rate changes and available EV specific rate schedules.
  • Identify process improvements and propose innovative solutions to automate and streamline energy management through analytical tools.


  • 2-5+ years of experience in EV Charging, Renewable Technologies, or retail energy space
  • Working knowledge of energy units such as kWh, KW, load profiles and interval data
  • Solid understanding of Utility Tariffs, including their structures, pricing mechanisms and regulatory rate case process
  • Participation in behind the meter energy resources or demand response programs
  • Proactive and forward-thinking attitude and creative problem-solving ability
  • A motivated self-starter who can work independently in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment
  • Bachelor’s degree is a requirement, with a preference for technical backgrounds (e.g., economics, engineering, finance, etc.); more advanced education is valued but not necessary


  • Experience with Utility Bill Analysis software programs such as Energy Toolbase & Genability
  • Retail or load side pricing and hedging
  • Coincident Peak methodology and management


In New York City, the base salary for this position at the time of this posting ranges from $90,000 to $135,000. Within that range, individual compensation varies based on job-related factors including but not limited to experience and training, licensure and certifications and other business and organizational needs.

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