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Due Diligence Manager

Location: Madrid, Spain

Department: Tech Ops - Due Diligence

Work type: Full-time


MN8 is looking for a Due Diligence Manager with a long-term operating mindset. Bringing the organizations’ philosophy of excelling as long-term operators to the deal by having a deep understanding of downstream team’s standards and criteria.


  • Inform the Investment Committee (IC) about an opportunities’ risks and mitigations, empowering the IC to make as informed a decision as possible on the proposed investment. 
  • Perform & manage opportunity Due Diligence (DD) 
    • Leverage DD Lessons Learned as one of the pillars to plan DD. 
    • Propose advisor selection, scope, budget and timing for technical DD. 
    • Manage advisors for technical DD and coordinate with advisors across the board to identify risks and mitigations. 
    • Schedule DD – identify/estimate key dates and outside dates. 
    • Ensure Legal review is complete. 
    • Perform review of/ensure main contracts have been reviewed e.g. EPC, O&M, AM, BESA, MSA etc. 
    • Review impact on Investment Tax Credit (ITC) if applicable. 
    • Coordinate/perform site visits if applicable. 
    • In addition, depending on stage review:  
      • Dev: 
        • Permitting status and compliance 
        • Land acquisition status and compliance 
        • IX status and compliance 
        • Development Services Agreement (DSA) review 
      • Ready to Build: 
        • Permitting status and compliance 
        • Land acquisition status and compliance 
        • IX status and compliance 
        • DSA review 
        • Equipment selection/replacement 
        • EPC strategy 
        • Procurement strategy 
      • Ops: 
        • Performance data 
        • System site visit coordination 
        • Warranty claims 
        • Historical operating expense review 
  • Provide key modelling inputs for the base case and suggest sensitivities/scenarios where applicable: 
    • Project costs and basis for internal budgets: 
      • DevEx: Internal and External adjusted to the portfolio’s stage 
      • CapEx: Build costs + other ancillary costs; or repair/refurbishment budget, informing or consulting with relevant internal teams.  
      • OpEx: Propose Opex and discuss with the O&M/AM team leveraging internal tools and knowledge. 
    • For Dev deals: project sizes (based on site/technical DD i.e. buildable acres) 
    • Yield: 
      • Energy Production Estimate results after providing key project information and guidance to external or internal modelers. 
      • and/or historical data review. 
    • Useful life review and feedback 
  • Influence and shape the deal to mitigate/minimize risks through the following: 
    • Deal timing influence – proposing timing extensions or identifying and communicating the increased risk of tight turnarounds. 
    • Deal DD budgeting – Understand the transaction structure and potential key risks to, with the deal team, provide a DD budget per deal stage to the IC and hold to it.  
    • MIPA/PSA, DSA terms negotiation –  highlight risks mitigate through transaction best practices and/or creative structuring leveraging the key transaction documents. Negotiate transition terms and services if applicable. 
    • Deal format suggestion/change if required in collaboration with the deal team. 
    • Bring your structuring skills and industry knowledge actively to the deal to contextualize it based on available and non-available information for the firm to process smoothly and accurately. 
  • Post-deal own and drive the handoff process: 
    • Enabling all work downstream of DD to build on the knowledge acquired through DD 
    • Providing project/portfolio: 
      • Obligations:  
        • Compliance with existing agreements or requirements e.g. site control; permits; EPCA etc; and  
        • A smooth onboarding/internalization capturing the status of a given project 
      • IC Budgets  
      • Project Schedule  
      • Smartsheet matrices 
      • Vaulted VDR 
    • Capture Lessons Learned 
  • Reporting DD status of multiple portfolios concurrently across different stages and technologies. 
  • Develop and optimize processes and procedures for streamlining the DD process. 
  • Support the development and improvement of the GSRP management platform particularly as it pertains to due diligence and technical matters. 


  • 5 years of experience in solar industry with good understanding of solar project technical characteristics 
  • Experience with battery storage and other technologies in the clean tech space highly valued 
  • Engineering or Business BSc Degree required; Masters preferred 
  • Working knowledge of key renewable energy document types: engineering, accounting, tax, agreements, permits 
  • Proficient in: Excel, Word, Smartsheet 
  • Experience with various VDR interfaces (Box, Firmex, Intralinks, Merril DataSite One, etc) 
  • Very organized and able to multitask effectively 
  • Good communicator both written and verbal skill 
  • Demonstrated ability to problem solve and determination to complete difficult projects. 
  • Demonstrated ability to improve processes and create efficiencies. 
  • Highly developed sense of professional ethics. 
  • Ability to work both on a team as well as independently. 
  • Ability to communicate effectively with tact and diplomacy. 
  • Commitment to quality. 

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